there was a kidnapping attempt in my community that happened at the end of october. a middle aged man tried to kidnap a 15 year old girl and fled when a passerby stopped to ask what was the problem. i guess it wasn’t apparent she was being kidnapped. 
this is the second time i heard about a kidnap attempt in my community and this is reason why i’m so neurotic about the safety of the people in my life, especially the women in my life.

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I knew how to use it just to make it clear to everyone… >:l

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AZN Mean Girls




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You’ve been brainwashed.


Our consumer world is forever in the shitter because media and the industry has convinced you that buying their products FIRST makes you cool. But in actuality, you’re just a dingle-berry waiting to fall into the capitalist toilet.

Take a minute to think about what you really want .

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